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The marketing policy of the company comprises three main components:  

production, promotion and distribution.




Includes full product nomenclature and services provided by the company.



For more effictively choice of marketing strategy following methods are used:

  • direct contacts with potential customers
  • representation of the samples in trial expluatation 
  • participation in tenders
  • participation in exhibitions, presentations, forums, etc.
  • letters, faxes, addresses (in the organizations and the state. structures)
  • color brochures and booklets
  • periodicals (newspapers, magazines, newsletters, etc.)
  • advertisements
  • advertisement media (television, radio, DVD-drives, Internet publishing)



In the development of a specific project for launching new products into production potential consumer of this product is selected. Thus, during the development of production of railway parts nomenclature our specialists studied the demand of enterprises of JSC "National Company "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy"; when deciding on the need for the development and of production facilities for the potable water "Tazasu" taken into account the quality of water not only from wells and open source, but also of the city's water supply.


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