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Currently the plant is manufacturing the following directions also performs large amount of other work and services at the request of small and medium businesses.


«OMEGA» is opened for cooperation and will never stand still! 


Production facilities in its composition have the following production corpses:

  • corps #2 - machining and assembling and mounting with a total area - 26502 m2.
  • corps #4 - Block machining shops, total area - 34700 m2.
  • corps #36 - test and adjusting, total area - 2750 m2.
  • corps #3 - designed for сutter-harvesting works, production of rubber and plastics, woodworking industry, stamping production and manufacture of containers for «Tazasu» system, total area - 3810 m2.
  • corps #4A - intended for the production of galvanic and lacquer coating and production bases of printed circuit boards, total area - 633 m2.


At present JSC «Instrument-making plant «Omega» has the following types of manufacturing:

  • procuring, equipped with a guillotine, mechanical saws
  • Machining production, providing assembly and installation of shop parts and units equipped with lathes, milling, drilling, grinding, boring, gear cutting machines, mechanical and hydraulic presses, electric posts and argon welding
  • manufacture of parts and products made ​​of plastic and rubber products, equipped with 20 pieces of equipment, installation and assembly production
  • manufacture of printed circuit boards (MRP), which provides installation and assembly production by unilateral and bilateral APMs
  • production tool that provides manufacturing production tooling - molds, injection molds, dies, special tools and equipment. Provided the same equipment as the machining industry. Number of equipment - 40 units
  • testing laboratory, has a climate chamber test - 15 units, stands mechanical tests - 12 units.

There are about 400 equipment units at the plant, mostly bought before 1991. To ensure manufacturing at the present stage in working condition (not conserved) located about 200 units of equipment. Of all the available production capacities of the plant is used not more than 40%, including the production areas involved:


Corps #2 - machining area - 2406 m2 - assembling and installation section «Tazasu» - 
324 м2 - assembling and fitting area - 684 m2.

Corps #3 - stamping press area - 724 m2 - harvesting area - 882 m2.

Corps #4 - thermal station - 62 m2 - toolroom - 1102 m2.

Corps #4A - galvanizing, painting area - 560 m2.



At this moment all industrial buildings and all the plant engineering services require rehabilitation or repair.


Tazasusystems for water purification
Railway sectorproducts for JSC «National Company «Kazakstan Railway»
Block-containersvolumetric constructions of full factory readiness
Common usagerubber products, consumer goods
Othersequipment for implementation
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