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«Instrument-making plant «Omega» has produced systems for making potable water «TAZASU» capacity up to 50 cubic meters of water per hour, designed for cleaning and disinfection of natural water from rivers. lakes, ponds and из рек, озер, прудов или underground sources as well as the purification of tap water since 2003.





System is produced by organization standart 

CT AO 15332794-001-2006.


Systems for making potable water «Tazasu» are produced using the newest technology of water cleaning: the optimal combination of filtration and UV sterilization of water, thus avoiding negative effects on human bodyг. This method of cleaning saves the macrostructere if water and its true natural characteristics, that fully serves all the sanitary and epidemiological requirements for water quality of centralized water supply systems and sanitary rules and norms.

The plant engineers elaborated the technical documentation, fully mastered the production of systems for potable water «Tazasu» in 4 variations:

  • stationary version (from 0,05 m3/h to 50 m3/h)
  • modular system option based on block-container
  • mobile version (based on automobile «Gazel» or «KAMaz»)
  • sea ​​water desalination plant for potable water, "Tazasu" (set on a boat, ship or any other form of execution)


Characteristics of raw water can be varied, it affects only the way of cleaning and disinfection, respectively – size and cost of the system «Tazasu». 
Test results and industrial exploitation revealed the high efficiency of the system in cleaning and disinfection of water, techno-economic performance of the plants were higher than similar facilities existing schemes and structures.

«Tazasu» doesnt' make any hazardous or toxic emissions into the environment. Durability - 10-12 years. Systems for making potable water can work both periodic and continuous modes.
After manufacturing our specialists conducted pre-commissioning works also produced after-sales service facilities



A combined method of cleaning - precleaning on preliminary filters, deep cleaning on reverse osmosis module and post-cleaning on the sorption filter followed by disinfection of treated water - results a clean water appropriated to sanitary rules and norms #544 from the 28th of June 2010.

All materials and reagents used in the manufacturimg and exploitation, appropriated to "List of materials and reagents, authorized for use by the chief doctor of the Republic of Kazakhstan for use in the practice of drinking water" # 3 from 19.01.2007 

Systems for making potable water «TAZASU» provides water clearance, discoloration, softening, removal of metal salts, desalination and disinfection.

The basis water treatment incorporates a combination of filtration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet sterilization, and if necessary, may use the equipment for chlorination of water.

The technology is original and uses the latest advances in science and meets health and environmental requirements.

Systems «TAZASU» are used for:


  • water purification systems, water supply for cities, towns, villages
  • providing clean water to enterprises, institutions, hospitals, homes
  • Autonomous water supply for oil, gas, mining, construction companies, military units stationed in remote areas
  • purification of water used in the food industry to improve the quality of manufactured products such as juices, beer and other drinks
  • quick and maneuverable clean drinking water in emergency situations
  • desalination of sea water
  • installed on boats manufactured by the Oral plant "Zenith" for the military forces. Water intake is right out of the Caspian Sea.

Modular systems Модульные установки are insulated, heated, equipped with ventilation systems and fire alarm containers of length 3, 6, 9, 12 m. In may 2004 mobile version «Tazasu» has taken part in international rescue trainings "Kazspas-2004" and has successfully provided a clean drinking water for a field camp, using as a source of water Kapchagai. At present time «Tazasu» systems are successfully used by MOE RK in West-Kazakhstan, Mangistau and Kyzylorda regions, alsa in South-Kazakhstan area, where more than 200 systems were delievered, we also have oportunities fo fullfill all customers requests.




Detailed video about the system:



Tazasusystems for water purification
Railway sectorproducts for JSC «National Company «Kazakstan Railway»
Block-containersvolumetric constructions of full factory readiness
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